How a Probate Lawyer Can Help

Whether you are planning your own estate, handling the estate of a deceased loved one, or dealing with probate issues in the wake of someone else’s death, a qualified Probate lawyer can help. They can guide you through the legal process of administering an estate by filing paperwork in court. This includes identifying and appraising assets, paying debts, and distributing inheritance to family members. A probate attorney can also handle contested matters that might arise in the process.

How much do lawyers charge for probate in Alberta?

A probate attorney can be helpful even when a will is present. They can help the executor of an estate navigate legal issues during the probate process, such as ensuring that the will is valid and was not signed under duress or undue influence. They can also help the administrator pay creditors and taxes. They can also provide guidance on the distribution of assets to family members if there is no will. This can include securing “renunciations” from other family members who may believe that they are entitled to part of the estate.

When evaluating a probate attorney, ask about their experience with the type of case you have. The longer they have been in practice, the more familiar they are with estate and probate law and how a judge may approach your specific situation. You should also find out if they charge hourly or by a flat fee. Hourly rates can save you money by allowing you to only pay for the services you need.

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