BlazePod Review – A Cheaper Alternative to BlazePod

Blazepod is not the only reaction time training system on the market but it does stand out for its portability, ease of use and range of different training modes. It is also significantly cheaper than some of its competitors.

The blazepod cheaper alternative system consists of a set of LED pods (about the size of hockey pucks) that can be placed on any surface and are linked to a central hub via a mobile app. The app provides a number of different training modes that use the lights to improve reaction times and agility. Some of these include running or jumping between the lights as they light up in a certain sequence. Others are more challenging and require tapping the pods in a certain order.

Savings without Sacrifice: The Best Cost-Effective Alternatives to BlazePod

A single charge lasts for around 5 hours which is sufficient for most training sessions. The pods are water-resistant but do not float so they can be used indoors or outside as long as there is no water present. The app also allows for a few customization options such as adding logos or changing colors on the lights.

There are a few different kits available starting with the Basic Bundle and going up to the Professional bundle which includes 12 pods. There is also a FitLight Jr option but this does not come with the same software as the higher spec version and can only be controlled using a tablet.

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