Benefits of Mini Pile Foundations

A solid foundation is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. Oftentimes the foundation of a building can be overlooked until a problem arises, but fortunately, there are several solutions available, including piling. This article by Capital Piling Ltd outlines the benefits of mini pile foundations, a technique that can be used to underpin existing buildings and strengthen new ones.

Piles are a cost-effective and durable solution for many different construction projects. They can be used to underpin a structure, support a bridge deck, stabilise slopes or embankments and more. They are also useful in situations with limited access, as they can be installed in tight spaces and can be constructed above underground utilities.

Understanding Mini Pile Foundations: Basics and Benefits

Aside from their practical uses, piles can also be used to improve soil conditions and make them suitable for construction. A popular option is to use mini piles, which are smaller and more compact than other piles. These types of piles can be installed in a shorter amount of time and require less equipment than other foundations, making them an ideal solution for situations with restricted access.

To evaluate the performance of micropiles in a landslide, a series of static model tests were performed. From these tests, it was concluded that the deformation damage mode of a micropile is mainly bending and shear. Moreover, the results show that as the load increases, the displacement of the pile head and foot of the soil increases rapidly, resulting in a critical failure load at which excessive plastic damage occurs. The results also indicate that the load proportion borne by the rear row of piles is significantly greater than that of the middle and front rows, which is consistent with the load-sharing situation of each pile group mentioned above.

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